IndexDen for E-commerce

Lately we added several new features to IndexDen (IndexTank API).
The key goal was to integrate e-commerce solutions and IndexDen.

What we have done:

  1. New search options
  2. Improved internal storage for Categories and Variables
  3. Improved clients API (right now only for PHP)

New search options

Category Rollup

First search options is “category_rollup” – comma-separated list of categories. Use category_rollup to generate facets without respect of current filters.

For example.
You have Brands category for cell phones with values: Palm, Samsung and Motorolla.
When user will choose one of the brand i.e. Samsung then facets list will look like :

It is good, but id doesn’t say how many entries in the other Categories: Palm and Motorolla.

Now with category_rollup it is possible to see it. Use category_rollup=brand in the search request and you will got following results:
Motorolla (30)

So, even when filter is applied for the Brand you can see facets for other Brands too.

Match any field

Second option “match_any_field” allow to search inside all fields in the index.

For example we have two fields: text and title. Using match_any_field=true IndexDen will search inside both fields.
So, it is more not necessary to specify each field is search query like: title:some query OR text:some query.


Improved internal storage for Categories and Variables

We optimized internal storage-search system to support hundreds of Categories and Variables.
It means that you could add hundreds of product “custom fields” and product categories to your product index.

Improved clients API

To support new functions we also improved existing PHP API. We added support for new parameters to the search function.
You can check it out: IndexTank PHP API

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