Index new meta field and plans for future

In this post we want to introduce new field “updated_time”.
“updated_time” is a string with the time when index was modified formatted according to the ISO 8601 format.

To see metadata you can use methods “GET /v1/indexes” or “GET /v1/index/name” which will return metadata for an index.
This metadata will be in the form of a JSON object and will include the following fields:

    "started": true,
    "code": "y4ary7ubus",
    "creation_time": "2012-08-16T11:31:44+01:00",
    "size": "507",
    "updated_time": "2013-04-14T16:26:39+01:00",
    "public_search": false,
    "status": "STARTED"

This was a tiny addition to current meta data, but we are in a process of development very cool statistics dashboard.
We are hope that it will help you better understand an effect of search requests and
give you good insights about usage patterns of you indexes.

Big thanks to Easy store hosting for insights!

Fell free to try IndexDen – we are open for everyone!

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