New tool “Search UI” released

“Search UI” can help to to test queries and see results without writing any code.
The results will be JSON formatted message which contain standard fields like:

  • matches – total number of found documents
  • results – array of documents with relevance score
  • facets (optionally) – if index and results contain categories then facets array will show how many documents contain each category
  • query – current search query
  • search_time – time to find results on server side

Right now it is very limited in functionality – you can test only search query.

In the future plans we want to extend Search testing tool with:

  • good error handling which will give you tips about type of error
  • more search options like fetch fields, generate snippets or use scoring functions
  • better rendering of JSON result string

If you like or dislike this tool please spend 2 minutes and send a feedback.

Special thanks to Yosh Schulman who give us good insight to build this tool!

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